Selecting the right gutter cleaning company goes beyond pricing and requires foresight into the bigger financial picture: what would you do if a gutter cleaning business damaged your property – or worse, injured you or your loved ones? In such an event, any perceived cost savings from hiring an uninsured contractor could cost you far more. When comparing gutter cleaning companies for work on your property, selecting the top-rated contractor with gutter cleaning insurance is essential – it will keep you, your home, and their crew safe.

What Is Covered By Gutter Cleaning Insurance?

Gutter cleaning insurance is a form of contractor insurance – or commercial general liability insurance – and it protects the homeowner in the event of any expensive damage to the property or injuries caused to employees or your family, guests, or pets. It also protects the gutter cleaning business in case they are injured on the premises, whether through their fault or the homeowner’s (e.g., dog bites, broken glass, or accidents). Property is also covered, ensuring that the cost of any damaged or lost tools can be recouped.

Further, it keeps the gutter cleaning business covered in the event of any lawsuit that may arise, which would give the homeowner a difficult time collecting damages the higher they are. In short, gutter cleaning insurance covers the gutter cleaners and the homeowner for any risk exposure, as well as from negligence claims and other legal actions that could otherwise ruin their business and prevent the homeowner from being able to collect.

What Could Happen If My Gutter Cleaning Company Is Not Covered By Gutter Cleaning Insurance?

If anyone from the gutter cleaning business, the homeowner, or their guests are hurt during gutter cleaning services, they would have to endure out-of-pocket medical expenses. This could then easily lead to a lawsuit, creating even more costs that are difficult, if not impossible, to recoup with private funds fully.

This would also leave the homeowner, the gutter cleaning business, or both 100% liable for the damage. Also, if any of the gutter cleaning company’s tools are broken or stolen while on your premises – whether or not you’re home – their insurance would compensate them instead of holding the homeowner liable. It protects both the company and the homeowner. Without it, the service cost would likely be much higher to cover the company’s increased liability.

Clean Your Gutters With Confidence

Aerotech is a fully insured, licensed, and trusted gutter cleaning business with professionals dedicated to providing the most thorough and secure gutter-cleaning services. Vetting the contractors you hire can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. We take pride in keeping your gutters clear and your property free from water damage well into the future.

We also provide a unique financing arrangement where you can prepay for multiple service visits throughout the year for the same price most other companies charge to visit only once or twice. In our experience, this has proven to be the most efficient, fast, and effective way to ensure your gutters are as clean and damage-free as possible. To learn more or to receive a quote, contact Aerotech today.