Gutter Cleaning Professionals: Better than a DIY Approach

by Mar 30, 2015Ask Aerotech Experts Gutter Blog

Owning a home, whether to live in or to lease out to tenants, requires much upkeep and maintenance. Air conditioning, electrical, siding, and more all require maintenance. This is especially true for your gutters. As time passes, these gutters become clogged with all manner of debris: falling leaves, dirt, dust, and anything else that may have been washed down from your roof. With the gutters becoming clogged, you will inevitably need to take the time to climb onto your roof and remove that wet gunk of God-only-knows-what from your gutters and into your trash bag.

It is a dirty job, but somebody has to do it. However, who ever said that somebody has to be you? There are a number of reasons to hire a professional to clean your gutters, and here are three of them.

Gutter Cleaning is Guaranteed to Get Done

Most people do not pay close attention to their gutters, and don’t realize they need to be cleaned until the debris piles up enough to be visible from the ground. Sure, you can try to set calendar reminders, but the lack of any apparent problems may tempt you to put it off another week because the job does not appear urgent. This is where professional gutter cleaning services come in. A well-managed gutter cleaning company will offer maintenance plans that best fit around your schedule. This way, you will have a guarantee that your gutters will be cleaned on a given day.

No more forgetting to clean because you were busy, or because it did not look like it needed it. Somebody will show up at your doorstep on a regular basis (depending on your plan) to climb to the roof, inspect your gutters, and give them a good cleaning. This provides both peace-of-mind and much needed regular maintenance.

Saves Time

Gutter cleaning is not a fun job by any stretch of the imagination. It is dirty work, takes several hours, and leaves you exposed to the elements. This is where the professionals come in. We understand that the last thing anybody wants to do with their free time is crawl around on all fours removing wet leaves and other gunk from their gutters. By hiring professionals, you can leave it up to somebody else to do the grunt work. They get paid for a job, and you get to relax and turn to something more productive.


This is the number one reason to turn to a professional gutter cleaning service. The average individual may clean their gutters only once a season, or four times per year. That is not enough practice to develop an efficient, safe routine. By turning to a gutter cleaning professional, you will have somebody who has developed a process that gets the job done faster using tools that make the job safer.

Even better, with that practice comes knowledge of the hazards and pitfalls of the job. Every year, the ER admits thousands of individuals due to falls. These falls are generally avoidable, but occur due to a slip that one would not know to watch for unless they had experience in the field. Through the use of a gutter expert, you will get somebody who has knowledge and experience the average homeowner just doesn’t have the time (or inclination) to develop. This helps to save time, and save you from a potential trip to the hospital.


While gutter cleaning is not the most difficult task in the world, it is still a time-consuming endeavor. Ultimately, whether a professional service is worth your time is entirely up to you. However, we hope that when making your decision you will keep the above in mind. If you do decide to clean your own gutters, just remember to stay safe, bring a buddy, and don’t do anything you are not sure of.