Gutters come in varying shades, allowing homeowners to select the perfect complement for the look and feel of their home. We’ll explore the fantastic variety of gutter colors available and tips for choosing the ideal fit to boost curb appeal and bring out the best in your home’s unique style.

Available Gutter Colors

Customers are often surprised to learn that there are dozens of gutter colors to choose from — at least, there were before 2020. But unfortunately, after the economic slump, availability from many suppliers dropped from 22 varieties to as low as 12.

We’ve maintained the best supplier relationships, with 21 unique varieties on hand in both markets we serve. For example, our St. Louis gutter installation professionals use Ply Gem‘s exceptional range of designer gutter colors. Our Maryland team installs equally attractive options from Service Partners and other top-tier vendors.

Each company carries an incredible range of beautiful colors and styles, with exceptionally refined tints of brown, dark blue, cream, green, beige, and gray designed to match any homeowner’s color scheme. They also create great naturally inspired gutter colors, such as willow, almond, sandcastle, and bronze.

Not All Gutter Colors are Created the Same

While it’s innately subjective, there are general considerations to keep in mind. Companies often use the same name for their colors, even when they differ. Quality also varies considerably, especially compared to Aerotech’s leading line of seamless gutters.

For example, “Royal Brown” gutters from a generic brand may sell for $1,500, while a seeming match from Aerotech might be $2,200. However, cheaper brands are often made from thinner 0.026 gauge aluminum and lazier paint techniques, which flake and rust very quickly in contrast to our 0.032-gauge gutters from Mastic by Ply Gem.

Choosing the Right Gutter Color for Your Home

Carefully selected gutter colors go a long way in boosting curb appeal. With the following rules of thumb, you’ll have several options, each with unique advantages.

Match the Roof Color

Matching your gutter to the roof will make the entire top portion of the house appear highly uniform, rendering the gutters nearly invisible. It’s also an excellent choice when your home doesn’t have trim, such as in contemporary/modern or art deco architecture.

Match Exterior Paint Color

Matching the home’s exterior will blend your gutter into the house, which is a beautiful effect. However, with countless exterior paint colors, it’s much harder to pull off.

Match the Trim Color

Matching the trim shows a high degree of style and design sense. Slight variations between the two colors will be less obvious, but it often makes the downspouts stand out. See below for a custom and unique two-color solution instead.

Go for the Contrasting Gutter Color

For an artistic flair, complementing or contrasting the gutter color with the rest of the house is another possibility. For example, consider matching the front door or installing black gutters on a white home for an attention-grabbing visual “pop”!

Other Considerations When Choosing Gutter Colors

Besides aesthetics, consider HOA restrictions, budget, and resale value. Keep in mind that dirt shows up more easily on lighter colors.

Should Gutters and Downspouts Be the Same Color?

If you like seamless gutter colors with the effect of matching the trim or roof, but dislike how it makes the downspouts stand out, consider matching the downspouts to the exterior. A two-tone combination may take more time to do skillfully, but the effects are stunning.

Find the Right Gutter Colors and Have them Professionally Installed

The most effective plan is to ask your local gutter installation professional for ideas, color samples, and guidance. They’re also the only way to ensure a perfect installation. In addition, they can further help you establish a proper maintenance routine to protect your gutters and home exterior for years to come.

Because we’re entirely focused on gutters, customers can rest assured of an impeccable gutter installation with Aerotech. For fully insured and highly trusted gutter installation expertise, don’t hesitate to request an estimate or inquire about our range of industry-leading gutter services.