Did you Know Gutters Can Be Used As Garden Planters?

We all  have seen little trees growing in our gutters before they get cleaned but what about actually using gutters as a garden? How about growing flowers and herbs in gutters? Gutter  gardens can be created to use inside your home or out on your back patio. Take a look at these “gutterspiratonal” (ok so we get a little excited putting the words gutter and inspirational together!) ideas and take your gardening to the next level, because gutters are not ONLY for your roofline anymore!

Indoor Herb Gutter Garden

Imagine cooking dinner for your family using fresh basil or cilantro right from your own plants you grew in your own gutter garden! This can be a reality by simply installing a few lengths of gutters lengths right to your kitchen wall and planting fresh herbs in them. The gutters provide a leak free way to hold the soil and manage the water necessary for the plants to thrive, and to be quite honest, adds a unique look to your kitchen.

Look for an area in the kitchen that has good natural light and warm temperatures.  This may be a wall or window sill. You can make gutter trays for window sills or mount your “garden gutters” to a wall that you’ve painted with chalkboard paint. Write the plant names on the chalkboard paint or place little labels in the gutter trays to keep the herb names straight. You can even write the names of the plants in French to make it that much more special!

The wonderful part of these “gutter gardens” is that they are so easy to maintain. Simply cut what you need and leave the rest to keep growing for future meals! Install your gutter garden today and get growing your own fresh herbs and spices right in the comfort of your kitchen.

Space Saving Outdoor Gutter Gardens

Vertical gutter gardens need very little space to provide delicious herbs, and vegetables for your family! It is a great way to keep the rabbits out of your lettuce, not to mention save your knees and back from crawling around the garden!

Gutter lengths can be cut and mounted onto walls, fences, decks, railings and almost anywhere else you can think of, allowing you to plant vertically, saving you space. And everyone can use a gutter garden!

Keep in mind that shallow rooted herbs and vegetables grow well in the gutter gardens. Plants such as carrots, potatoes need a deeper soil base to grow so they would not be the best for your gutter garden.

Strawberry gutter planters!

Who would not love to go to the backyard to pick some ripe strawberries for fresh strawberry shortcake?

Strawberry plants can sometimes be finicky to grow and if you do manage to get them growing well, they often fall victim to little critters and creatures that love the tasty fruit as much as you do! Using gutters as strawberry planters is a great solution and may be  what you need to take your strawberry harvest to the next level.

Gutter strawberry gardens can be elevated using paving stones, plant hangers or even sawhorses, not only allowing for better growth but also making it easier for you to maintain as well. Everything is at a comfortable height for maintaining and there is no need to spend an afternoon on your hands and knees in a dirty garden bed tending to your strawberry plants!