Although gutters may seem like a small part of your home, they serve an extremely important function, protecting your property from potentially catastrophic damage to the foundation. Having gutters installed correctly makes all the difference in preventing issues related to water and ice accumulation – and it’s important to have your gutter system installed by a highly experienced gutter installation contractor.

Qualities of a Professional Gutter Contractor

There are several key considerations to make when searching for the ideal gutter contractor. The highest quality installation will dramatically improve your gutters’ performance, greatly minimizing the chance of malfunction or damage. Take your time in considering the following points in relation to the gutter installation companies in your area – it’s the only way you can be sure your property will be in the best of hands.


From the service representative on the phone to the boots on the ground and on through to the manager, look at each interaction as a reflection of the company’s commitment to excellence. Consider the speed and efficiency of their communications, and ask yourself how polite, friendly, and accommodating they are to your questions and requests.

When you meet with them, consider how organized and well-maintained their equipment is, as well as their overall level of organization. Any little thing out of place may not mean much by itself – but compounding signs of unprofessional attitudes or lacking performance are definitely a red flag.

Good Reputation in the Community

Check into credible online resources and community sites to read the company’s reviews, and ask friends and family to see if they have firsthand knowledge. If the contractor has been in business for a long time but lacks good references, something is amiss – and contractors without much of a track record but oddly high amounts of reviews may indicate greater form over substance.

Above all, be sure your gutter contractor has a good reputation. Check review sites such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or local industry groups to see if they’ve been the subject of formal complaints.

Insurance Coverage

Ask the prospective contractor for proof of insurance, and consider it questionable if they don’t want to or delay doing so – rather, they should be eager to show it. You cannot risk being stuck with liability for someone else’s work. After all, you’re hoping to rely on them to improve the value of your home; why allow them the chance to lower it?

Proper Qualifications

Similarly, take note of how forthcoming they are with other qualifications, because most professional companies will have references and examples of their work available on request, and even be happy to share it. You might also consider whether you’re willing to rely on a company that spreads its efforts thin. Do you want a “jack of all trades” who “does it all”, when what you really need is a specialist? Seek their professional qualifications for the exact job in question – and take note of attempts to bulldoze you into accepting subpar qualifications with a good sales pitch.


In general contracting work, there is a phrase: “The cheapest offers are often the most expensive.” You know you don’t want to take a chance on low-ball offers, because it often belies cutting corners – but how do you know what a reasonable price is for the job?

Take some time to look into the pricing of similar companies, get multiple estimates, and compare them. Ask each company if their price is fully inclusive, or if there are any fees not accounted for that could arise. Ensure only the highest level of clarity on pricing before going forward.


Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and note any effort to keep elements of the agreement vague. Does the contract include everything you and the gutter contractor discussed? Does it include anything not discussed? At this stage, surprises are the last thing you want. If you notice any, be glad – it helps you know that you need a professional who operates at a higher standard.

Schedule a Meeting with a Professional Gutter Contractor

When you think you’ve found the right gutter installation expert, the last step is to schedule a meeting with them. Before locking yourself into the final agreement, ensure they check every box and have all the qualities outlined above.

As a well-trusted and fully insured gutter installation company, Aerotech focuses exclusively on gutter installations and maintenance services, so you can be sure your gutters are installed by a true expert. We invite you to tell us about your gutter upgrade needs, request a quote, and meet us yourself. It’s our pleasure to help you achieve certainty that we are the right team for the job.