Spring Is Here, What Does That Mean For Your Gutters?

by Apr 9, 2018Ask Aerotech Experts Gutter Blog

At last, all the waiting has paid off and spring is upon us. We are finally able to enjoy warmer weather, sunshine and all nature’s glory as we head into the warmer months. As wonderful and exciting as this is, what does that mean for your gutters?

Gutter Cleaning! Spring brings with it the necessity for a good gutter cleaning. After months of handling the weight and strain of snow, ice and frozen debris, it is critical to make sure your gutters get inspected for any damages or issues, as well as clear away all the bothersome spring debris that accumulates this time of year.

Damages to Look Out For

Whether you have a professional clean and maintain your gutters or you take the task upon yourself, it is very important to give the gutter system a thorough visual inspection when you are up there. There are several potential issues that you need to keep an eye out for, so be sure to look for things such as:

  • Sagging Gutters – under the burden of weight over the winter your gutters may start to sag or pull away from the home. This is problematic because it can lead to water getting in behind the gutters and causing wood damage to the fascia and home exterior, as well as preventing water from flowing through the system as intended. While a loose or sagging gutter is easily fixed, left unattended it can create much larger issues over time.
  • Critter Damage – while they might be cute, animals can wreak havoc on your gutter systems. Small animals will nest and make homes in your gutter which can cause clogging and put strain on the gutters, not to mention increase the likelihood of critters such as mice and raccoons making their way into your home. In addition, standing water in the gutters can lead to an increased presence of mosquitoes and and other insects.
  • Roof and Foundation Damage – throughout the winter months ice damming and standing water can create many issues for your home. Water and ice can build up along the roof line, and actually do damage to your roof resulting in water in your home, ruining your interior. Overflow from the gutters, can erode landscaping beneath them and create issues with moisture along side your home foundation. It is important to ensure your gutters are clear of debris heading into the winter months, and making sure nothing has gone amiss come spring.

Why Spring Gutter Cleaning Is So Important

Spring is without a doubt the wettest season, and we are typically faced with a lot of rain throughout these months. This can be very problematic to a home if the water is not properly diverted away from the house by its gutter system. Ensuring your gutters are in prime condition and prepared to handle the extensive volume of water they will see during this time is critical.

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