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I began Aerotech in St. Louis, Missouri with my family in 1990. I had been working as a remodeler and home builder for over 30 years. During that time I saw so many homes and buildings that had suffered water damage mainly because the gutter system was either installed incorrectly or not properly maintained. I realized that taking care of gutters was a job that needed to be done, but that many people just weren’t doing it.

I knew gutter cleaning was a difficult task, so I set out to create a machine that would allow our technicians to clean most gutters from the ground. In early 1990 our patented gutter-vac machine was born and Aerotech Gutter Service was on its way.

My family and I started by working from our home, going door to door with hand made flyers one day and then going out the next day cleaning the gutters of our new customers. From the start our focus was on performing a great job while delivering the best customer service experience possible.

During the early years of Aerotech we added gutter repairs and gutter installation to our gutter cleaning service. Our company grew quickly through word of mouth and the next generation of our family began expanding the business to new markets. From residential work to large scale commercial jobs we became “The Gutter Experts”.

Over the years we have listened to our customers by adding new products and services and building Aerotech into “The Exterior Experts”, a strong and trusted exterior services company offering siding, windows, and doors in addition to our trusted gutter services.

Here we are, over 30 Years later with family members servicing St. Louis, Missouri, Maryland, Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and a dedicated customer service center that is available to answer your calls and emails. My kids tell me that we have serviced over 60,000 unique customers since we began all those years ago!

I’m often asked why Aerotech has done so well. There are so many things that go into building a successful business…from offering superior products and services, to constantly investing in your team and equipment, but at the end of the day, I know that Aerotech’s success comes from our passion and drive to take care of our customers like they are family.

If you are a customer reading this, we thank you for the opportunity to have been of service to you. If you are someone considering our company, thank you for even considering us and allowing us the opportunity to earn your business.

Our Vision

No matter what type of service your property’s exterior needs, you can count on Aerotech to provide it with the same dedication to quality, affordability, and professionalism that has made us one of the premier exterior experts. Your home’s exterior does a lot of work to protect you and your family and it deserves regular care from a contractor that is dedicated to delivering the best possible service.

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