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New siding installation in Washington D.C. is easier than ever with the exterior experts at Aerotech. We use high-quality materials with professional installation and excellent service. As a proud family owned and operated business, we bring over 32 years of siding experience and stand behind all of our work. At Aerotech of Washington D.C., our goal is complete customer satisfaction on every project.

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From replacing old siding to looking for less maintenance or updating your exterior, there are a variety of new siding options to choose from to fit your needs. It’s important to ensure you choose the right siding to protect your home’s structure and interior from possible water damage and improve energy efficiency. Whether you choose low-maintenance vinyl or timeless wood, there are several considerations to take into account to ensure you choose the right siding for your home. Our experts at Aerotech of Washington D.C. will help you determine the best option to fulfill your needs and design goals.

What is the average lifespan of siding?

The lifespan of your siding will be determined by a variety of factors, such as the environment its in and whether proper care and maintenance is performed. A high-quality vinyl siding, like those used by Aerotech of Washington D.C., will last for several decades with little to no maintenance in non-harsh environments. Wood siding can last anywhere from 15 to 40 years, but its longevity will depend on whether proper maintenance and care has been performed, such as regular painting and staining. Aluminum siding may last a bit longer than wood, but will most likely require repainting at some point and won’t be as durable as vinyl. In short, if you want a siding that is low-maintenance and long-lasting, a high-quality vinyl siding is the recommended choice.

Can you replace just a section of siding?

If a section of siding is damaged by a storm, excessive heat, bad mildew growth, or accidental impact, it is possible to replace a single board or specific section of siding. While this is relatively simple with materials like vinyl or aluminum, replacing a small area in the middle of a wall may result in damaging the siding boards around it, especially if you do not have experience in repairing or installing siding. However, keep in mind that if your siding is older, new sections may appear slightly different in color, so you may opt to replace the full wall, especially if the section is larger than just a single board. Having a professional evaluate the damage and determine if a repair or replacement is necessary will ensure you get the results you want with the home protection you need.

Can you install siding yourself?

As with any home project, siding installation can be done yourself, but if you don’t have any experience or access to the right tools, you could be putting your home at risk of extensive damage from water leaks or poor insulation. Not to mention, installing siding on a home takes a lot of work, requiring a team of experienced individuals. Even if you know what you’re doing, would your friends or family, or would you need to essentially train them on the job? When doing the job right, installing new siding could also take much longer than a weekend to finish. Can you take more than just a long weekend to complete the job? Save yourself the hassle and ensure the job is done right the first time by hiring the professional siding installers at Aerotech of Washington D.C.

When is the best time of year to install siding?

Siding is best installed in mild weather conditions and temperatures, so if you are looking for new siding, fall or spring are ideal. However, between the two, fall is often the top choice as the landscaping around your home will no longer be growing and going dormant, leading to minimal or no landscape damage during the installation process. During summertime, removing siding may lead to less energy efficiency with less insulation against the sun’s rays until the job is completed. In winter, the freezing temperatures can cause siding damage during installation, especially if using vinyl as the material becomes more rigid and prone to cracking.

Why You Should Choose Aerotech of Washington D.C. for Siding Installation and Service Needs

At Aerotech of Washington D.C., we are your exterior experts. With over 32 years of experience in siding installation and other home services, we work hard to ensure complete customer satisfaction. All of our siding installation technicians are VSI certified, meaning your siding will be installed correctly, securely, and with all of the proper precautions to prevent water filtration. We know you’ll love the results of your siding installation.

Being a family-owned business, we understand the importance of accurate cost estimates when considering having any work done on your home. The total cost can be a major deciding factor in choosing the installation company you work with. When you call Aerotech of Washington D.C., you receive a free, on-site estimate so you know exactly what to expect. During your estimate, we’ll discuss your siding options to find one that fits your style and budget. No matter what you pick, you’ll receive a high-quality product for a result you’ll love.

Along with excellent siding installation, we can help with other exterior projects, too. From more energy efficiency with new window and door installations to effective home protection against possible water damage with new gutter installation services and comprehensive gutter cleaning and maintenance – we can handle it all.

We even aim to make scheduling your service a breeze. We’re proud to be a worry-free business, meaning that when you partner with Aerotech of Washington D.C., you don’t even need to be home when we come to work on your installation. All of our trucks are equipped with GPS-tracking to note our arrival and departure times from your property. You’ll also receive a completion survey via email to rate us on your experience.

Are you ready to upgrade your curb appeal and give your home long-lasting protection against the elements? Call Aerotech of Washington D.C. today to discuss your siding installation project. We are the exterior experts homeowners across the region know and trust.

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Upgrade Your Home’s Aesthetic with our Available Exterior Building Products

With every exterior home service we offer, we only use the highest quality materials and products. We offer a variety of siding options to choose from, including vinyl structure insulated siding and selections from great brands such as Quest®, Cedar Discovery®, and Carvedwood 44®. For more exterior customization, we also offer designer siding accents, like shutters, door surrounds, gable vents, and vinyl soffits. Browse through our available exterior building products and call Aerotech of Washington D.C. to make your exterior design vision a reality.

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